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I currently offer about fifteen workshops or so. Some of these workshops overlap a bit, and some of them are more interesting than others. I love my “From Gods to God: The Rise of Monotheism” workshop, but it’s not nearly as much fun as a workshop about Pan where I get to crack phallus jokes for ninety minutes. So if you choose a few of my workshops for your event keep that in mind.  I usually talk for about seventy minutes, anymore than that and people just get bored.  

Horned God Workshops

My favorite topic is the Horned God, and it’s the topic I’m probably most well known for. Every time I do a horned god workshop it’s different than the one before as I’m always researching this topic and adding to my knowledge of it. Currently I offer three workshops in this category.

The Horned God  Few archetypes in modern Pagan practice are as revered and as misunderstood as the Horned God. He’s a cultural universal, but his message has changed over the last few centuries. Come explore the history of the Horned God with us, see where he has been and where he is going. We'll explore not only the generalized Horned God archetype, but also look at him in some of his most well known roles. From the Greek Pan to the Celtic Cernunnos to the Navajo Xochopelli we'll explore what has made the Horned God a favorite in a multitude of Pagan pantheons.

Pan: The God of All  In Greek, the word "Pan" translates to "everything" or "all". Find out just how important Pan was to the ancient Greeks in this exciting new workshop. We'll trace the history of Pan from his humble beginnings in the mountains of Arcadia to his rise into the pantheon of the ancient Greeks to his re-emergence in the 19th century. We'll explore how Pan was worshipped and perceived in the ancient world and why he might be even more important today.

The Horned God in the British Isles   For thousands of years, the Horned God has resided in the British Isles in various forms.  To the ancient Celts, he was The Horned One, Cernunnous.  In the Middle Ages he whispered to his followers in Christian Churches as the Green Man.  As Herne, he became an English icon.  Learn the real histories behind these powerful figures and how they all fit together.  Find out how these three gods became an essential part of Contemporary Paganism, and now find themselves even more needed today.    (This workshop does require the use of a projector, I won't do it unless there is a big chunk of space and a projector set aside for it.)

Dionysus: The Dual God  Come and learn about the most revered of all the gods, the mighty Dionysus, god of wine, myth, magick, and madness. The worship of Dionysus was immensely popular in ancient times, find out about his public worship and his more secret cult. We’ll cover the wine god from his origins in the thigh of Zeus to his role in the rites of Orpheus. Few gods are as popular as the mighty Dionysus, don’t miss out!

Kokopelli:  Myth and Misconceptions    Kokopelli has been a part of the American Southwest for the past 1500 years, or has he?  Who was the happy flute playing petroglyph that now decorates t-shirts, pizza boxes, and other assorted things at the mall?  Is Kokopelli a lost Hopi fertility god or something else in entirely?  Find out the true origins and attributes of one of the world's most popular Pagan deities.  

Ecstatic Gods and Goddess of the Greek World and their Worship    What do Demeter, Pan, Aphrodite, and Dionysus all have in common? They were ecstatic deities, offering their worshipers living, spiritual experiences. Through dance, drink, trance, and sex these deities crossed over into the world of living to touch the lives of their followers. Find out how these deities were worshiped in the ancient world, from the mystery cults of Demeter to the public Bacchanalia devoted to Dionysus. Learn from the pagan past to better put yourself in touch with these gods in the Pagan present.

Goddess Workshops

I am going to work harder at expanding this section in the next few years.  For now there's only one workshop, but she is my favorite Goddess!

All Acts of Love and Pleasure are My Rituals:  Worship of Aphrodite in the Ancient World
Aphrodite is beloved in the Pagan world, but how was she really worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans?  In this workshop we'llexplore Aphrodite's origins in the Middle East, and how the once former protectress became the goddess of love and beauty.  The workshop will also explore the idea of "Sacred Prostitution" and look at how it was applied to the worship of Aphrodite.  Whether you are a lonely heart looking for the goddess of love, or one of her many priestesses, you're bound to learn something about Her at this workshop.


Drawing Down the Moon:  The Mechanics of Invoking Deity      The ritual of "Drawing Down the Moon" has become one of the most important and essential parts of Modern Wicca, but how did the concept and ritual develop, and what is really going on when you "draw down" deity?  Mankey explores the history ofthe Drawing Down ceremony, focusing on its alleged origins in Ancient Greece and how the ceremony has developed in modern times.  The differences between invoking and evoking will also be discussed, and what types of energy are associated with each.  This workshop also provides information for performing your own "drawing down" ceremonies.  One of the major differences between Modern Paganism and other living religions is how close we (Pagans) get to our deities, "drawing down" is the most powerful way to celebrate that closeness.  

The History of Modern Witchcraft and Other Historical Things

This topic consumes almost as much of my time as the Horned God does, and with good reason, it’s fascinating! The personalities, the influences, the poetry, the literature . . . . . it almost makes my head spin just thinking about it. Perhaps it’s a little drier than Old Horned Head, but it’s great fun to learn where you’ve been and perhaps where you are going.

The History of Modern Witchcraft   This was originally designed to be a seventy minute workshop, and I failed miserably presenting it in seventy minutes. It’s more of a two-part workshop with part one focused on the essential influences that lead to the rise of modern Witchcraft. Those influences range from the Boy Scouts to Romantic Poetry to archeology and psychology. The second part focuses on the people who put those parts together in the 1930’s and 40’s, most notably Gerald Gardner and the original New Forest Coven. Only in the past ten years or so has the real story of England’s first public witches come to light, and it’s a story worth hearing.

Just Gerald   This workshop presents a look into the life and work of Gerald Gardner, perhaps the world’s first modern, public “witch.” We’ll trace his life from the rubber plantations of Malaysia to his initiation into a real coven of witches in 1939. This workshop is not a debunking of the Grand Old Man of Witchcraft, nor is it a praise session, it’s a balanced look at the truth, lies, and myths about the most important Witch of the 20th Century.

What We Really Know About Druids    Druids have been immortalized in the writings of Julius Caesar and the music of Spinal Tap, but what do we really know about them?  Find out the truth about Druids, as Mankey takes you on a trip through Celtic Mythology, and Greek and Roman travel writers.  Every piece of the ancient Druid puzzle will be analyzed to provide you with the clearest picture yet of what we really know about Druids.  This workshop is a must for anyone interested in Celtic Mythology or Druidism!

Magick in America: 1820-1952     Despite what you’ve been told, America has long been a hotbed for magic and the occult. While the Golden Dawn was stealing headlines in the 19th Century, we Yanks were busy inventing Spiritualism and refining sex magick. Join us as we peek inside some of America’s earliest (and most influential) spell books, and pay a visit to the Church of Aphrodite (founded in 1935). From Johnny Appleseed to Jack Parsons it’s a whirlwind tour of America’s occult legacy; a legacy that’s still helping to shape Modern Paganism today. 


Jesus, Yahweh, and Other Wayward Orphan workshops

Sometimes I need to get away from the Horned God and Old Gerald, and when I do I often find myself looking into the origins of Christianity and researching the quest for the historical Jesus. The last few years have seen my fascination with the Knights Templar, Mary Magdalene, the Priory of Zion, and the marital status of Jesus move into the mainstream thanks to the publication of Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code. While I’m a long way from an expert in these matters I’m pretty well versed in them, and have seen a few academics nod along in agreement at some of these workshops.

From Gods to God: The Rise of Monotheism    We’ll trace the evolution of monotheism from the ancient Egyptians to the Hebrews to the Christians of the fourth century in this exciting workshop. The rise of monotheism was not destined, and we'll explore the various cultural currents that contributed to its' rise and look at some of the individuals who contributed to its development. Special attention will be paid to the Ancient Hebrews and the evolution of Yahweh into a crusty old bachelor god. You'll leave this workshop with all kinds of information to impress your friends and confound your enemies.

The Devil is in the Details, A History of the Prince of Darkness
As good Pagans we all know that the Devil is not our guy, but did you ever wonder where he came from?  The origin of Satan is a complex and tangled one, and he might be the only guy in history who went from being Yahweh's District Attorney to the source of all suffering for all of Christendom.  We'll trace the history of Satan down through the ages, from his first appearances in the Old Testament all the way down to his pal Anton LaVey.  

The Tarot:  A Real History
So many things have been written about tarot cards over the years that it's hard to separate truth from fiction.  Legends continue to circulate that the cards of the tarot were created in far away places like Ancient Egypt and even Atlantis.  What's the truth behind these cards that have captivated and intrigued for nearly 500 years?  In this new workshop we'll explore the real, perhaps more mundane, origins of the tarot, and explore the original meanings of the major arcana.

Rock'N' Roll Workshops
I put together the Led Zeppelin and the Occult workshop just to amuse myself, surprisingly everyone else seemed amused by it as well.  It's probably my most popular workshop right now, and the Heavy Metal one will probably be right behind it.  These have sort of evolved into spectacles, lots of loud music, lots of pictures from the projector, and me squawking over it all.  I love this stuff though, and it's fabulous that I've found a way to wed my love of rock with my spirituality.  The Heavy Metal workshop is meant to sort of be a sequel to the Zeppelin one, after doing Zeppelin last year I had so many people asking me if I was going to take the next step with it all, that next step was the Heavy Metal workshop.
Led Zeppelin and the Occult    Magickal and mysterious the band called Led Zeppelin has been the subject of a great deal of speculation the past three decades.   From the start they were accussed of selling their souls to the devil, and while that's probably not true, the band was definitely involved in some occult and Pagan things.  From song lyrics to album covers to Jimmy Page's fascination with Aleister Crowley, we'll take an indepth look at what made the Zeppelin soar.  Jason has worshipped at the altar of the Zeppelin since he was 18 years old and he has no plans to quit now.  Find out why Zeppelin has steered so many people into modern Paganism!
Heavy Metal and the Occult    Heavy Metal has always been associated with the occult, ever since the days of Black Sabbath, but how much real occult material is in heavy metal?  Did Black Sabbath worship the devil, or was it all just a record company ploy to sell more albums?  Who was the first real Satanic heavy metal band and why should you care?  (Why?  They were a huge influence on Metallica!)  Where's Heavy Metal going in the new millenium and what occult avenues is it heading into?  Bring a lighter and flash your devil horns, as we survey 35 years of Heavy Metal!


For better or for worse the Morrison Ritual and I are now partners.  I get more comments about Morrison than anything else I do.  That's fine, because I do love Morrison.  About the time I think I'm tired of it, I have the most amazing trans formative experience at it and I get excited about Jim and the Doors all over again.  The Morrison Clan is currently over 1000 people strong, obviously I'm doing something right with it.   

The Horned God Ritual   . . . . Io Pan Io Pan Io Pan!  Be swept up in the power of the Horned One in this participatory and enlightening ritual.  Run through the woods with Pan!  Dance to honor Kokopelli!  Drink to praise Dionysus!  And engage in the hunt with the mighty Cernunnous!  This ritual is designed to sweep you up into the power of the Horned One, to allow you to really feel him inside of you!  Come prepared to chant and dance and roar in honor of the Lord of the Wood!

The 1899 Ritual     While Modern Paganism (probably) didn’t really start until the middle of the 20th Century, the pieces were in place long before that. The 1899 Ritual is an attempt to figure out what “Pagan Ritual” might have looked like at the end of the 19th Century. Weaving together the threads of the grimoire tradition, Freemasonry, Leyland, and English Romantic Poetry, the 1899 Ritual is a step backwards in time. Join us to see what ritual might have looked like before people were even calling themselves Pagans or Witches. 

The Dionysus/Jim Morrison Ritual  For one night, allow yourself to be swept up in the mystery, might and magick that is Dionysus! Celebrate life through music, dance, love, and drink as we gather to worship the god of bards and bars. This is an interactive ritual, all set to the music of the Doors, full of poetry and motion. We'll also celebrate the bride of Dionysus, beautiful Ariadne - truly a Goddess and worthy of praise. Join us as we update the ancient rites for use in the 21st century.

The Four Faces of the Horned God-A Ritual    The Horned God has many faces and roles.  He's the cosmic seed that creates life.  He's a warrior and protector, putting the interests of  those He loves before himself.  He's also the force that helps to create the grain and grape at harvest time.  He's a lover, a fighter when provoked, and the giver of the Earth's bounty.  In this ritual, we celebrate all four faces of the Horned God, praising Cernunnous, Pan, the Green Man, and Dionysus for the gifts they've given us.  This is an interactive ritual, so be prepared to raise energy and praise the Horned One!