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It's almost impossible to write a meaningful Ostara Ritual when you live in Michigan.  Even though the large chain stores are selling plastic grass and candy eggs, that doesn't mean it's warm in the Upper Midwest.  This ritual even takes into account the very real probability that there will still be snow on the ground near the end of March where I live.  -Sigh-  It does make you appreciate the spring all the more, and every sign of impending warmth becomes amazingly sacred.  Every tree bud is more significant, the rare day when I don't have to wear gloves becomes a little slice of heaven. 

So that's why this ritual is like it is.  I've tried to do Ostara Rituals outdoors in Michigan, I've frozen to death most of those times.  Hopefully I'll get around to posting some of those outdoorsy rituals for early Spring one of these days.  Back to my shivering.


Statement of Intent
Winter now stands behind us and  before us the lies promise of Spring. The Maiden walks the land once more, awakening all that is in her path. The Horned One lurks in the forest, running with the beasts upon the thawing earth. Welcome back the light! Welcome back the sun! Welcome back the spring.

Quarter Calls
East-I call to the warm winds of the East. Blow away the cold winter and join us in our circle tonight! Blessed Be

South-I call to the bright sun of the South. Melt away the last snows of winter and join us in our circle tonight. Blessed Be

West-I call to the rushing waters of the West. Take away the last of winters cold and join us in our circle tonight. Blessed Be.

North-I call to the green growing earth of the North. Free the ground from the icy cold and join us in our circle tonight. Blessed Be.

Circle Casting
We cast this circle round We make this space sacred We bless with touch, joy, and sound We cast out despair and hatred. The circle is cast. So mote it be!

Call to the Maiden
We call to the Goddess of the Spring. Maiden who walks with the flowers and brings about the melting snow-join us tonight in our circle. Touch us with that first sense of Spring. Awaken once more that sense of wonder in our selves and in our lives. Help us to look anew at everyday, to fill our hearts with joy over your creation, to find the beauty in everyday. Be with us in this journey from winter to spring. Blessed Be.

Charge of the Goddess

Call to the Horned One

We call to the God of the Spring, Lord of the Wood join us in our circle tonight. Touch us with memories of Spring-the green forest, Panís Charge, the warmth of the sun upon our skins. Fill us with your joy-may your smile grace our lips as we revel in the happiness of longer days and shorter nights. The time has come to dance with you once more. Hail the Spring, Hail the God! Welcome! Blessed Be!

Charge of the God

Melting of the Snow
We place this bowl of snow above this candle. The light represents the Lord and Lady triumph over the darkness of winter. The snow symbolizes the fading presence of the dark half of the year. By the time our ritual is through, the snow shall all be gone, and as we look upon this space we will think of the warmth to come and the days that we shall share together. Blessed Be.

Spring Arts and Crafts
The Springtime means many different things to people. For some itís a celebration of warmthís return. For others itís a time to welcome back the green growing things and to prepare for those long days and nights spent in the garden. Winterís end means we are finished hibernating inside our homes, and that itís once more time to join the greater community. Tonight we will celebrate the return of Spring in our own ways. Some of us might feel compelled to plant the first seeds of the New Year. Others might want to build a little sun to remind themselves of what is ahead on this journey of the Wheel. Both elements, sun and seed, are needed to ensure the continuation of life on this Earth . . .

(Crafting session commences. Some people can make little suns out of construction paper, others might plant a few seeds in a pot. Communication amongst participants should be encouraged. This is not a time for quiet reflection. When everyone is done, let all share in what was created.)

The Great Rite
Man: As the Lady and Lord are joined together the Earth is renewed.
Woman: I hold the power of creation in my hands. (holds chalice)
Man: I hold the power of creation in my hands. (holds athame)
Woman: We perform the Great Rite to remind ourselves of the Ultimate Mystery and the Universal Power.
Man: Knife to Chalice
Woman: Male to Female
Both: Creation is sacred. (Knife is plunged into chalice.)
Both: Blessed Be.

Cakes and Ale
Man: Lord and Lady bless this cider we are about to drink. May it warm our hearts and bodies preparing us for the Spring. Blessed Be!

Woman: Lady and Lord bless these cakes we are about to eat. May they nourish us as we prepare for another turn of the Wheel. Blessed Be!

Goodbyes to the Lord and Lady
Lady and Lord thank you for joining us in our circle tonight. Prepare the way for us as we turn our backs to winter and look forward to the new life of Spring. Hail the Maiden! Hail the Lord of the Wood! Hail the Spring! Blessed Be!

Goodbyes to the Quarters
North Hail to North! Hail the Earth! Go if you must, stay if you will. Blessed Be!

West Hail the West! Hail the Water! Go if you must, stay if you will. Blessed Be!

Hail the South! Hail the Fire! Go if you must, stay if you will. Blessed Be!

Hail the East! Hail the Air! Go if you must, stay if you will. Blessed Be!

Circle Uncasting
The circle is open-Spring stands before us. So mote it be!

Closing Words
Winterís end is Springís beginning. Go now with love in your hearts for Lady and Lord and revel in the promise of sun soaked days and passionate nights. The Earth will soon be a growing, and so itís time for us to get going. Blessed Be.