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On the Road

After a long couple of years, 2023 is shaping up to be a super busy year! Events that were cancelled have been rescheduled, and in between those events I've added new ones!  Come find me and say hello when I'm in your neck of the woods!

CONVOCATION  Detroit Michigan, February 23-26.
It's been three years since my last ConVocation! That's far too long to be away from my favorite event in all of Pagandom! Two workshops, a panel that will be the greatest panel of all time, and a ritual for the Witchfather! It's going to be a rocking good time in Michigan!  I have waited literally have my life to be a "guest of honor" at ConVocation! After a two year delay it's finally happening.  I couldn't be more exciting. 
AUSTIN WITCHFEST   Austin Texas, March 4 
It's a one day event, but it's a one day event in a place I've never been! And it's a one day event that features me leading one ritual, and two workshops (one with my buddy John Beckett!). I'm probably going to be toast afterwards (and craving some Texas barbecue) but good gods am I excited about this trip. Come out and say hi, and if you live in the area hang out with me on the shoulder days when I'll be in town.  This event had 3000 people in 2019 before the pandemic!  This is going to be epic.
PAGANICON   Plymouth Minneapolis, March 17-19 
Wasn't I just at Paganicon in 2022? Why yes I was, but I just had to come back. Over the last seven years this has become one of my favorite festivals, and Ari is coming with me this time around! And she's doing a workshop with me, and on Sunday Astrea Taylor (who I co-wrote "Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods with will also be doing a workshop with me! Plus, I'm doing the Witchfather ritual for the third time in four weeks!  It should be perfected by Paganicon! 
MAGICKAL MARKETPLACE & PSYCHIC FAIRE  Boxborough Massachusetts, March 24-26
This was another event that was originally supposed to take place in 2021, and then 2022, and but here we are in 2023 and it's full steam ahead! I've got four workshops and a panel, it'll be a busy and productive weekend, and most of all, I get to hang out in a place I've never been before and get to see meet a bunch of great new folks!  
THE SPRING MYSTERIES FESTIVAL   Seattle Washington, April 6-9
I've always been curious about the "Mysteries Festivals," which attempt to recreate the ancient rites at Eleusis 3000 years and put them into a modern context, and now I get to not only participate in the Mysteries, but share some mysteries myself. As someone who loves rituals (especially initiation rituals) and the Greek gods I was thrilled to get the chance to present at this event! Io Pan!
FLORIDA PAGAN GATHERING   Silver Springs Florida, April 26-30
This will be my third trip to the Florida Pagan Gathering, and my second Beltane visit. Everyone in Florida is always so freaking nice, and I just have the best time. Can't wait to come back! Florida has such a great magical community, I just love visiting.
(Look at me I get the entire months of May and June off from traveling! This is probably a blessing even though I love the road so very much!)
THE STARWOOD FESTIVAL  Athens Ohio, July 11-17
After more than ten years away (my last Starwood was in 2012) I'm finally coming back to the outdoor festival that started it all for me. Without Starwood I doubt I'd be writing books and getting to travel across the country to hang out with the best community in the world! Hail the Starwood!
SACRED HARVEST FESTIVAL  Finalyson Minnesotta, August 7-13 
Two trips to Minnesota in one year! Yay!  Sacred Harvest and I have been circling each other for a couple of years, but this year they were the first to book that week so here I will be! Looking forward to a week of Summer in the Upper Midwest.