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On the Road

A long, long time ago
I can still remember how the Pagans used to make me smile
And I knew if I had my chance, I could make those Witches dance
And maybe we'd praise Pan for awhile . . . .
But COVID has made me shiver
With every newscast they'd deliver
Omicron now on the doorstep
Festivals have lost their pep
I'm pretty sure that I cried
When my con went to the wayside
No Dionysus and his wild ride
The day my traveling died.
So bye-bye, in person Pagan events 
Took a plane to the arcane, but the arcane had no contents
And those good old Witches were trying to reinvent
Singing Jason will now have to online present
Jason will have to online present 
All right, it's not all that dire, but I do miss in person public events. Back in the before times, way back in 2019 I went to tons of Pagan events all across the country. But COVID squashed most of 2020 and 2021, and while I write this there are still some events on the books for 2022, who knows if they will happen!  I hope they do, I miss your smiling face. 

CONVOCATION Detroit Michigan, February 24-27.
I'm a "Guest of Honor" at ConVocation in 2022, which is a huge deal to me because ConVocation was one of the first festivals I ever went to, and was in my "backyard" so to speak for many years. This is a true honor and I'm super excited. 

MAGICKAL MARKETPLACE & PSYCHIC FAIRE Boxboro Massachusetts, March 25-27
This is my first event ever in Massachusetts, so that's really exciting. The website linked to above hasn't really been updated in awhile, but apparently they are passing out flyers with my ugly mug on them in the area so I know this is real.