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On the Road

I've got a full slate of festivals this summer, and a long journey around the Midwest and East Coast ahead of me.  I'm going to be leaving California for a full month and a week, I hope to see lots of folks!  I'll have books to sell and will probably be begging for food and cider in order to help cover expenses.  I'll be touring the country with author, musician, and friend Kenny Klein.  He'll be the one with the top-hat and no hair, I'll be the one without head-ware and the lovely blonde locks.
I'll be at Wisteria for the entire week, celebrating the Solstice at a great Pagan campground with some great Pagans.  I think I'm doing three or four workshops.  The first lecture I ever gave at a major Pagan Festival was at Wisteria over the Summer Solstice, the first year PSG was there many years ago.  Can't wait to go back.  
Pittsburgh June 29-July 1
Kenny has a concert in Pittsburgh that weekemd and I'll be playing "merch guy" during his Sunday night show.  If you live in Pittsburgh and want to hang out or something let me know. 
Kind of tenative right now, but we are trying to work something out here.  Bernadette (owner) is a longtime friend, so this should be pretty awesome if it all works out.  
I get to speak in New York City!  Woohoo!  Pretty awesome.   
I'm going to be super busy at Starwood, three solo-workshops, two workshops on Pagan/Occult music with Kenny, and a Jim Morrison Ritual!  In addition to all of that, Ari will be there with me doing some bellydance classes.  I'll also be drinking copious amounts of hard cider.  Can't wait!    
Sirius will be the last stop on my overly long tour.  I'm going to be doing three or four workshops and catching up with a lot of East Coast/Midwest friends I haven't seen since the move out to California last year.  Awesome sauce.