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These are some of my favorite things . . . .
   still a work in progress . . . more to come

Favorite Non-Fiction Books
Triumph of the Moon-
Ronald Hutton   Perhaps the most important book written about the history of Modern Witchcraft.  While I don't agree with all of Hutton's conclusion, it's still a must read.  I find new information everytime I read it.

Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration/Wiccan Roots-Philip Heselton    These two books are like companion pieces to TotM, they fill in the gaps and present a credible arguement that Gerald Gardner was initiated into a working Witch cult in 1939.  Hard to find in the States, I special ordered mine from Great Britain.

From Jesus to Chritianity-L. Michael White   Lots of great information about early Christianity and ancient Paganism.  It gets a bit boring towards the middle, but all in all a good read and a pretty comprehensive look at the topic at hand.

Holy Blood Holy Grail-Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln, and Micahel Baigent   I don't believe most of the things written in this book, but it's still fascinating and the authors present semi-credible arguements to support their ideas.  If you have any interest in all the DaVinic Code stuff, this is where it all came from.

God Against the Gods-Jonathan Kirsch   A well written book that looks at the rise of monotheism from the ancient Egyptians to the Roman Empire.  I don't agree with everything in this book, and it's rather elementary, but it's a good place to start if you are interested in this sort of stuff.

America's Game:  The Epic Story of How Pro-Football Captured a Nation-Michael Maccambridge   I just love this book, I've probably read it five or six times in the last year.  Well written and a great look the business side of my favorite spectator sport.

Favorite Fiction Books
Jitterbug Perfume-Tom Robbins  This might be the most important book about Pan ever written, and it sits in the fiction section.  This book probably became my favorite when I read the line "they rejected the live wood of the maypole for the dead wood of the cross . . . "

Magician-Raymond E. Feist   Better than average run of the mill fantasy with some of my favorite characters in all of literature. Magic, artificial intelligence, war, and wonderful character development make this novel a great source of escapism time after time.

Assasin's Apprentice-Robin Hobb  It's impossible to pick one Robin Hobb book as my favorite, but since this is her first one I thought it was a good place.  All of her books featuring the characters Fitz or The Fool are required reading for fantasy buffs. 

Favorite Bands, Muscians, Singers, etc . . . . .
Kate Rusby-
fantastic English/Celtic folk

Led Zeppelin-the greatest band in the history of rock!

King's X-Groove rock power trio, vastly under-rated

Dar Williams-American folk-rock at its best

Roger Clyne & The Peaceamakers-The hardest working band in the land

XTC-Pagan influenced Brit-pop

Favorite Movies
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
A Knight's Tale
Batman Begins
Spider-Man 1 & 2
The Shawshank Redemption
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
Cool Runnings
Worth Winning
(Look that one up if you want a good laugh at me!)