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Beltaine II

Last year I was told that we needed more dancing at our local Beltaine Ritual, and one of my male friends suggested kissing.  How could I say no to such demands?   There are no grand theological statements in this ritual, just a lot of fun.  Re-reading it for the first time since I was a part of it brought a big grin to my face.  As is typical to my cosmology, the Goatboy and the Maiden of the Spring again find themselves in the middle of the circle, the Goatboy to cause havoc and the Maiden to straighten him out (pun intended!).  Though the words are all Mankey, this ritual like many on this website are, was a collaborative effort involving a lot of great people in the Lansing Pagan Community. 

The dialogue in the middle between the Goatboy and the Maiden should probably be changed to suit your own individual ritual needs, unless of course your Goatboy likes both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Indiana Pacers.


A Second Beltaine Ritual 

As people gather for the ritual they are divided into two groups, male and female. As they enter the ritual space they are smudged and smeared. The males are led off to one side, staying in a line, and the females do the same. Once everyone has been cleansed a processional spiral dance set to a chant begins the ritual.

Casting the Circle
 The circle is cast by the power of the dance.

Statement of Intent
Tonight we dance the summer in. We welcome in this magickal time of year with laughter and joy. We join together tonight to honor the Lord and Lady, and to celebrate our friendships and community. Tonight is the sacred night of Beltaine, the most joyous time in all the year!

Quarter Calls
We call to the East
The power of the spring air
Inspire us this night.
(Blessed Be!)

We call to the South
The power of the high sun
Warm our hearts and souls
(Blessed Be!)

We call to the West
The power of flowing water
 Touch us with your love
 (Blessed Be!)

We call to the North
The power of the green
Earth Grow with us tonight
(Blessed Be!)

Call to the Goddess
We call tonight to the heavenly Lady, she who holds the seasons in her hand. We gather here tonight to praise her, the Lady for all the gifts that she gives us. We feel you in our lives as the Wheel turns and ask that you come to us tonight. Come to us as the Maiden who awakens the world every spring. Come to us as the Mother who makes the Earth grow. Come to us as the Crone who gives us wisdom to do all things. Join your children as we sing, dance, and worship in your honor. Join us this sacred night of Beltaine. Blessed Be!

Call to the God
We call to the Horned One, the Lord of the Wood, he who guards the portal between life and death. We gather here to thank you for the Wild World you have given us. We feel you in our quickening pulse; we see you in the strong, setting, Beltaine sun. Come to us as the Horned One, the god of life and growth. Come to us as the Child of the Sun, lord of the heavens. Join your children this sacred sabbat night; let us be one with your songs and your tales. Make merry with us this Beltaine night! Blessed Be!

Charge of the God
Charge of the Goddess

Goatboy: I want to be selfish tonight. I want this night to be about me and all I have to offer the world. I want what I want for a change, and not what you want.  How many stories do we hear about you being the reason for the Spring?

Maiden: Silly silly Goatboy, Beltaine is not about you and itís not about me. Beltaine is about all of us here. Itís about our wishes for the coming year, our hopes and our dreams. Itís a time for all of us to sow new seeds. Everything is possible with the power of the Beltaine.

Goatboy: So, I get to be selfish?

Maiden: Of course you do, but then again so does everyone else here. Itís a night for all of us to throw our prayers and dreams up towards the gods.

Goatboy: And how do you propose we do that? Should I write down what I want on a little piece of paper and then throw it into the sky.

Maiden: I have something a little more interesting in mind. Iím going to pass this powder out to everyone here and each person will have the opportunity to throw out their dreams. As they throw their dreams into the fire they may share what they are feeling, or not, itís all up to them.

(A small amount of gunpowder is handed out to everyone in the circle. One by one each person in the circle throws their gunpowder into the fire, sharing a word or a phrase as they throw it into the fire, if they choose to. The Maiden goes first, and the Goatboy goes last. As soon as everyone gets a turn, we resume our dialogue.)

Maiden: And what did you wish for my Goatboy? A Pacer championship? Steeler SuperBowl dreams?

Goatboy: Nah, I wished for something even better, a chance to kiss all of the girls here. Thatís a lot more fun, and a lot more Beltainey. Iíll worry about that other stuff later.

Maiden: And how are you going to get all of the girls to kiss you tonight?

Goatboy: By making it a part of the ritual. I need all the guys to join me around the circle. We are going to face outward and you are going to get all the girls to face us and weíll dance around the fire sharing kisses at eveningís end.

Maiden: And why would we want to do this? Itís certainly not because you smell good.

Goatboy: Nah, I think youíll do it because of my golden blonde hair and my sly wit. Now guys, come to me!!

(The guys gather with the Goatboy and the girls gather with the Maiden and kisses are shared all around. Without even saying it, everyone has participated in a symbolic Great Rite! The kissing should be fun, flirty, and happy. Chants can be used here, but it is hard to chant while you are kissing! Once everything has settled down a little bit the circle returns to normal.)

Cakes and Ale

Priestess: It is the sowing of the seed each year that brings about the gifts we are about to receive. Every spring the world awakens anew and blesses us with life and abundance. We celebrate those gifts with this rite.

Priest: In the name of the Lord and Lady I bless this bread. Let it serve to remind us of our connection with the Earth and everything in it. Blessed Be!

Priestess: In the name of the Lord and Lady I bless this wine. May it remind us that our souls and our bodies are connected to the Mighty Ones! Blessed Be! (The bread and the wine are passed around the circle with everyone partaking quietly.)


The Lady
We give thanks to the Lady for joining us tonight in our rite. Though this ritual will soon end, our connection to you never will. We feel your power in all that we do, in every aspect of our lives. We thank you for your many blessings. Blessed Be!

The Lord
We give thanks to the God for being here with us tonight. As we walk away from our circle we take the promise of the God with us, that promise that he will always be there for us. We thank you Horned One for your many gifts. Blessed Be!

The Earth has joined us
We thank the Northern powers
Be with us always
(Blessed Be!)

The Water joined us
We thank the Western powers
Be with us always
(Blessed Be!)

The Fire has joined us
We thank the Southern powers
 Be with us always
(Blessed Be!)

The Air has joined us
We thank the Eastern powers
Be with us always
(Blessed Be!)

Closing Statement:
We came here dancing the winter out, and we leave here dancing the summer in. Merry did we enter this circle and merry shall we depart it. The power of the circle was built out of joy, laughter, mirth, and reverence. With these energies we shall also take it down.

The Spiral Dance is started up yet again, this time as a way to lead everyone out of the circle. As the dance spirals away from the circle the ritual ends. Blessed Be!